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Online Survey Jobs: Things You Need to Know

Online Survey Jobs: Things You Need to Know
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When searching for a job, especially for fresh college graduates, most of the time, people look at the compensation and benefits. The nature of the job runs second and typically the way we look at it is highly influenced by the salary. Online survey jobs are few of those which are overlooked since the compensation that you would get is not as attractive as what other jobs would offer. However, if we examine closely the amount that gets into our pocket each time we do a survey, we will be surprised how much we can get.

What are surveys for?

Companies ranging from clothing, medical, food, service, entertainment industries, etc., value the voice of their customers. They want to know the level of satisfaction that each consumer gets whenever he/she uses their product. They want to increase this level of satisfaction every time so they engage their consumers in surveys.

You can only get few people to answer free surveys. To motivate people to share what their thoughts are, benefits are given after finishing each survey. Benefits may be in form of cash, vouchers or freebies.

This is a win-win strategy for both the company and the consumer. The consumer gets paid after taking the survey, and the company cuts big expenses in their marketing research.

Can online survey jobs substitute office work and regular compensation?

Certainly, the answer is NO. There is a different satisfaction that one can get in practicing his or her profession. Survey jobs online does not aim to have people quit their office jobs. The aim is to assist individuals get an alternative or an extra income on their free time. Surveys do not pour out like water once you have finished answering one. Normally you can get less than 10 survey offers a day depending on your profile.

Time management and answering surveys

Surveys usually take about 2-10 minutes. The length of an online survey job depends on the topic and how much information the company needs. The compensation also depends on the length of the survey. Typically you will get 10 cents for a 2-minute survey, which is not bad at all.

Who can take these jobs?

By international law, 18 is the legal age to work. Anyone who is below 18 will not be able to create an account on the survey website. This is to protect minors as some confidential information of the user should be divulged during the registration process.

In some cases, the company may ask to publish the opinion that you have given during the survey. Proper consent is really needed for this one which is not lawfully appropriate for minors.

How can I make sure that I will get paid after doing the survey?

Payment transaction is the most common reason why a lot of people do not like online surveys. Some do not get paid after answering a lot of supposedly paid online surveys. It is best to do some research about the website that you will be joining to make sure that you get your payment. Payment modes are through checks or bank to bank transfers.

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