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why companies are paying for taking Survey questionnaires

why companies are paying for taking Survey questionnaires
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An increasing number of businesses today are setting up sites where potential consumers can get paid to take survey jobs. The jobs consist of questionnaires that ask the survey takers about the experiences with various products and services. Sometimes the survey questions are simply to find out if there is consumer interest in the product or service; at other times the survey questions are much more comprehensive and seek to learn from actual users, what the strong and weak aspects of their product is. Both the individual who completes the survey and the companies have different reasons for doing the survey. Here are some of the major reasons for each

Company advertising :

When consumers are reminded of the products, standards or services of the company on the questionnaire, it serves as an effective form of advertising for the company. When consumers get paid to take survey jobs, they naturally look favorably on the corporation that pays them. That favorable opinion carries over to the products made by the company. This translates into very effective advertising for the products and company mentioned in the survey questions. Interest is piqued by the mention of the products. In some cases, products are supplied to the consumer who has answered the survey questions.

Company name recognition :

Market researchers have found that it requires about seven times of seeing a name in writing before the brain consciously recognizes the name. By ensuring that consumers get paid to take survey jobs where the name of the product can be mentioned numerous times, it helps to reinforce the name recognition by the survey takers. The completion of the survey may lead to the decision to look for the survey product next time you are searching for a particular product.

Consumer income :

On the consumer side of the equation, a survey taker who is able to get paid to take survey jobs is often looking for a source of income to augment or replace another job. Being able to stay at home and enjoy working with a schedule that meets your own needs is a positive step in itself, but to significantly reduce commuting expenses makes the work even more interesting.  Surveyors earn cash, products and services all through completing simple and concise surveys about specific products. If the durable goods are not something that you can use, sell them at one of the online auction sites.

Consumer elitism :

Another reason consumers like to get paid to take survey jobs is the sense of pleasure they get by being able to be one of the first in their community to be able to use a new company product in the name of research. It’s exciting to realize your opinions may be the signal that allows a product to be modified according to your own tastes and characteristics. If you like being the first to know about and try out a brand new product and you understand the importance of a fair review, the benefits to you are largely monetary.


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